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I'm a 20 year old Student and Programmer focused on Large Protein Drug Stability + Formulation, full stack Mobile Development and Music.

I am currently a third year at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am also currently seeking out co-operative opportunities relating to Bioengineering and Computer Science.

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Vikram Hegde Northeastern Masters/Bachelors Honors Bioengineering Candidate for 2022, with Minors in Math and Music

How I Spend My Time.


I currently work full time at Sanofi Genzyme, where I work in formulation, stabilization, and testing of large protein drugs. Our team is in charge of choosing expiry dates for the drugs and evaluating their stability when exposed to a number of factors such as heat, UV light, and acidity as well as others as needed. Since the drugs we work with are so large, they tend to easily denature under the slightest environmental degradational factors and must be very closely minotored and tested to ensure safety. I also automate common lab practices and do complex data analytics and science on lab produced data. My final role is working on lab machines such as HPLC, DMA, and DSC.

I will be working at Sanofi Genzyme from June - December 2019 on my first co-operative education cycle for my degree program at Northeastern.

I spend an average of 40 hours a week at the office.


Programming is my passion. I really enjoy creating solutions to problems I face in my everyday life. Some are simple fun graphical projects. Some could be as technical as integrating with RESTful services (using JSON with Java and/or Swift), desgning backend infrastructure, and developing mobile applications fullstack (Swift, Dart, Java Kotlin). I have also begun to implement an application in Flutter, which boasts multiplatform front and backend development from a single codebase. The code for this project is private due to intellectual property provisions, but please check out my github here for some interesting projects I have worked on in the past and for any interesting updates regarding my hobby programming on the side of my other commitments.

I spend an average of 10 hours a week jabbing keys.


Music is another strong passion of mine. I really enjoy creating strong emotion through sound. As of now, my compositions are still basic as I learn the fundamentals of music theory. I try to spend a few hours each week fiddling with interesting synthesized sounds and rhythms and I hope to put out a full album someday. My creative process starts with creative people and a strong couple of riffs. Where it ends up, no one knows. Keep your ears in suspense and I hope to blow you away.

I spend an average of 5 hours a week dissonantly yelling into a microphone.

I am available for freelance projects + internships.

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